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Huaibei city library was founded in 1963, formerly known as "Suixi city library", in 1971 changed its name to "Huaibei city library."." Since its establishment, Huaibei library has made a positive contribution to the economic construction, cultural construction and spiritual civilization construction of our city. With the development of economy and social progress, Huaibei library has undergone many changes, and its cause has been flourishing and keeping pace with the times. The new museum opened to the public in June 28, 2011, the new museum is located in the beautiful Xiangshan Mountain, near the municipal government square, around the grass green, green trees, beautiful environment, the new building is elegant and dignified, quiet and pleasant, is a good place to study public school.
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From theworkers to Professor Gong in all hard - Zhang Wei, afamous calligrapher and painter,
In October 31, 2015, Mr. Zhang Wei, afamous painter and calligrapher, walked in the landscape painting andcalligraphy exhibition held in Huaibei city library. Mr. Zhang Wei'scalligraphy and painting works of heavy solid condensate, pitch love, Yuindifferent and lonely in persistent and deep, mysterious and aloof reside onthe subtle and freely, give people thrilled upward and forward spirit. Mr.Zhang Wei, with its root deep and not to follow the beaten track and uniquepainting and calligraphy art achievements and obtain a series of honor. Itworks by the media presentations and highly, number of works by Liu Kaiqumemorial hall, Beijing Tang Yun villa, Academy of Fine Arts, Anhui Hotel andother government departments of culture and folk art collections or spread inthe overseas. Mr. Zhang Wei also served as Chinese masters of contemporary artacademy honorary president, deputy secretary general China Anhui calligraphylong, visiting professor of the art of calligraphy calligraphy Chinese YongqiaoTownship, Huaibei City, Chinese Painting Academy painter, guest professor ofSuzhou University. It is more than thirty years: painting, my end is noregrets. Now China pen show, God helps those who help themselves to help ZhangWei.
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